From The San Francisco Chronicle

“Jackie Chan and Jet Li may be big action stars, but do they have enough juice to justify a cable network devoted solely to fists of fury?

Larry Kasanoff hopes so, and despite long odds, he plans to launch a martial-arts channel early next year. The producer of “Mortal Kombat” films, who also worked with “Terminator” director James Cameron to create production company Lightstorm Entertainment, has a big vision for Blackbelt TV, which will telecast fights, movies and even some Japanese animation.

“We want to do the same thing for the martial arts that MTV did for music,” says Mr. Kasanoff, who expects the Los Angeles-based channel to hit the market with at least four million cable and satellite subscribers.”

“Blackbelt doesn’t plan to invest much on original programming at first, but will enhance the fights with visual effects and graphics. If that’s not enough, Mr. Kasanoff says, “our entire network is hosted by women.”"

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