President-Elect Barack Obama Continues to Woo Key Nerd Demographic

As we crawl closer to Inauguration Day, Obama-Mania continues to sweep the nation.  Today’s New York Times Politics Blog featured President-Elect Barack Obama’s picks for tonight’s college football BCS Championship.  If I cared about non-scripted sports, I’m sure that would be fascinating. Instead, I focused upon this little tidbit:

Mr. Obama said he’d have his hands full attempting to rescue the American economy. But he has gotten in a little practice in bowling lately on the Nintendo Wii his daughters received for Christmas. Mr. Obama, who famously struggled in bowling during last year’s Democratic primaries, said he performs better in the video game.

As many of you may remember, Obama famously bowled an unimpressive score of 37 while on the campaign trail. But his quick appreciation for Wii Sports (despite his apparent lack of bowling prowess) is a key indicator of why Nintendo has taken a runaway lead with this generation of consoles. While a select minority can appreciate the abstraction of pressing buttons to drive a car or shoot basketballs, there’s a more tangible (and more easily appreciated) joy to be obtained by actually pantomiming the action. While the Wii certainly doesn’t need the sales boost that the Obama association is sure to bring, EA and Steven Spielberg should probably get a copy of BOOM BLOX to the White House post-haste.

(Image from the Houston Chronicle.)

Obama’s forway in the NerdTown didn’t stop with video games. Today, Marvel Comics revealed that Spider-Man would be going to Obama’s inauguration. No, it’s not going to be a model in a spandex suit. Instead, it’s going to be a back-up feature in next week’s issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (#583, to be exact). The preview pages at Huffington Post reveal that longtime Spider-Man foe the Chameleon will be crashing Obama’s big day. To be honest, I’m a little sad that a cosmic-powered Sarah Palin isn’t going to be the antagonist. But all will be forgiven if Obama punches the Chameleon in the mouth.

But lest you think that this Titanic Team-Up will be all rainbows and kittens, BeaucoupKevin(dot)Com has the exclusive reveal of Obama and Spider-Man’s secret agenda!

(Image from BeaucoupKevin(dot)Com.)

Terrorist Fist Jab indeed!

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