Game of Uno Goes Awry, Leads to… Attempted Murder?

The dementia inducing powers of video game violence have been well documented. And everyone knows that Dungeons & Dragons can lead to hammer attacks, suicide, or even eternal damnation.

But the true danger to America’s youth?


No, wait. Let’s try that again.


As The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

An Orem man whose luck ran out in a game of UNO was arrested for aggravated assault after police say he smacked a 64-year-old woman and then threatened her husband with a large kitchen knife.

The 58-year-old man, who had been drinking, was playing cards in his home about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday with his 47-year-old nephew and the nephew’s wife near 400 East and 1800 South.

He became agitated and smacked the woman on the back of the head. When his nephew told him to stop, the man reached up to do it again, said Orem police Lt. Gary Downey.

(Image from NatalieDee.)

The couple decided to leave and gathered their belongings. The man grabbed his nephew’s arm and punched him, Downey said. The nephew pushed the man, and the two continued fighting.

When the nephew was walking out the door to leave, his uncle shoved him in the back. The 47-year-old turned to see his uncle standing in the doorway holding a large kitchen knife.

Downey said the uncle was threatening him with the knife and ordering the pair to leave.

Police arrested the man on suspicion of aggravated assault, as well as for three outstanding warrants of aggravated assault, simple assault and driving under the influence.

Lesson? Don’t let your children near an UNO deck, lest they try to stab you with a knife.

Alternatively, the lesson is that you shouldn’t hang out with people who have a propensity to (1) obsess over a card game and (2) threaten you with violence.

(Image from Penny Arcade.)

Obviously, UNO didn’t drive this guy to attempted murder. But if he’d been playing HALO, I’m sure a ton of commentators would be eager to jump on the “video game violence leads to real violence” bandwagon. Bottom line: if someone wants to stab you, they’re going to find an excuse to stab you – whether it’s a prolonged tea-bagging in HALO or a particularly vicious Draw Four.

(To be fair, I know that’s a bit simplistic and there’s certainly a discussion to be had about the effects of media – violent and otherwise – on developing adolescent brains. But since this guy was in his late 50s, I feel safe in saying that he’s just coo-coo bananas.)

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