Howard and LeKeith Talk About America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 4

LeKeith and I return to discuss another week of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW. This week, ABDC goes Bollywood and returns with… good results?

Howard: ABDC!

LeKeith: Yeah!

Howard: Shockingly competent this week! And dare I say – entertaining?

LeKeith: I know! I was really surprised. I think the Kung Fu Fighting Challenge set the bar really low last week though. Lowered expectations mean a lot.

Howard: I think the fact that the challenge was actual dance moves also helped.

LeKeith: I agree. It’s nice when dance shows concentrate on dancing.

Howard: So let’s run down the list. Massive Monkeys?

LeKeith: Can I throw out my bias first? They ended their set with a BlackHole Slam (Sidewalk Slam) and a SuperPlex.

Howard: HA! I appreciate that JC caught that.

LeKeith: I really enjoyed their routine for the level of dancing they threw into it.

Howard: Yeah, I think MM’s greatest strength is that they incorporate a lot of dancing and choreography into their transitions. There’s no trick – run into position – trick.

LeKeith: Yes, which other stunt crews weren’t able to do.

Howard: Not at the beginning at least.

LeKeith: Right. But I think MM picked up on it faster than some other crews. And when they do just dance, it’s not just a means to pass the time before the next stunt.

I liked their Indian styled movements? The Club Foot Kid was really into it.

Howard: Yeah, they did a decent job of incorporating the challenge.

LeKeith: Again, lowered expectations.

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: Was the next crew where we found out that AMERICA can’t vote? We Are Heroes in the bottom?

Howard: I know! Ridiculous. But we’ll get to them soon.

LeKeith: Okay.

Howard: I was not feeling Vogue Evolution this week.

LeKeith: Really?

Howard: But I don’t know if that’s because Leiomy was being a whiny bitch.

LeKeith: I enjoyed their scarf dance.

Howard: It was OK. But it felt like it had the least amount of energy of all the group’s routines. And I expect them to get hype.

LeKeith: They weren’t the ball of energy that they usually are, this is true.

Howard: Running up the staircase of dudes was cool. And she made a good recovery from the slightly botched landing.

LeKeith: That heel in the back had to hurt like a bastard!

Howard: I have no sympathy for “Boo hoo, I have to stay on this show”. That is not a good sob story. If that dude last season passed on performing at the Obama inauguration, she can’t really complain.

LeKeith: Can we discuss how ABDC had its “Very Special” Moment? Because that’s all that went through my head at that point.

Howard: Sure.

LeKeith: First off, the transgender’s eye roll was all lady, no man. I’ve seen that look before and I know it means that I’m in trouble.

Second, Shane was right. It doesn’t matter what happens off stage as long as you perform on stage

And third, I feel like if the judges had said that to Status Quo, they might still be a team.

Howard: You raise that last point like it was a positive.

LeKeith: Lastly, I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so … Scared!

Howard: HAHAHA!

LeKeith: I’m just stating that ABDC could have changed the course of history.

Howard: Fair enough. But would it have been for the better?

LeKeith: In my opinion? No.

Howard: But yeah, unless their fanbase just pulls through on the voting, I could see a bottom 2 for VE next week.

LeKeith: I could see that too.

Howard: Also, I would like to call for a moratorium on VE ending their routines by falling on their backs and tucking one leg under.

LeKeith: Seconded.

Can I call a moratorium on the Massive Monkees crawl from the back to the front of the stage? It’s impressive, I can’t do it but it’s been done, by you – multiple times.

Howard: Sure.

LeKeith: Alright. next crew: Boogie Down Bronx?

Howard: A solid routine.

LeKeith: Yes. But the first rule of show biz: You’re Single!

Howard: Yeah, but I don’t think they were really pulling in the heartthrob votes. Not that either of them are unattractive.

LeKeith: I was talking about Dominique. Don’t Go Breaking my Heart!

Howard: I’m just saying that the sex appeal may not be the drawing factor for either person.

LeKeith: No, I know. I’m teasing.

Howard: I actually didn’t mind that they broke up the challenge and non-challenge sections, even though I generally dislike having such an explicit divide.

LeKeith: True. My only point of confusion was when they broke into a crump circle. But I liked everything else. And they got a nice visual out of their final pose. Look for that in the highlight reels.

Howard: Shockingly, it’s not one of the photos at

LeKeith: That’s unfortunate.

Howard: And didn’t Afro break into similar Shiva position already this season?

LeKeith: Sure, why not?

Howard: Again, another move that’s visually impressive, but one I’d like to call a moratorium on.

LeKeith: Absolutely fine. Motion passes

Howard: But yeah, if Rhythm City keep performing at this level, we’ll see them in the finals.

LeKeith: I hope so.

Howard: I actually enjoyed Afroborike’s routine this week.

LeKeith: So did I! I think that their Bollywood section was out of sync, like JC called it, but I enjoyed the majority of their routine.

Howard: I think their challenge might have been better suited for the Beat Ya Feet Kings. But since it got BYFK kicked off, I’m not going to complain.

LeKeith: Also, if JC associates a through the legs lift with playing with his dad, then he had a very different childhood than I did.

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: It would have been interesting to see BYFK do this challenge. Oh well.

Howard: So We Are Heroes. I need to say – America let us down.

LeKeith: I know. Thanks, America.

Howard: But I would blame that crappy gong that broke one of their members!

LeKeith: This is a competition, so says Lil’ Mama. You need to treat voting like one too.

Howard: Yeah. That kills me. When groups say, “Oh, this week, we’ll totally bring it.” What?

LeKeith: That’s the first thing I thought of actually. I knew you would say, “See?”

Howard: That’s like going into work and saying, “You know what? Today, I’m actually going to work.”

LeKeith: I’m not going to lie. I sometimes say that to myself.

Howard: Except you know that the company is laying someone off every day.

LeKeith: But I’m not in a direct competition with 8 other people to do my job where I face panel of judges… Actually, your analogy works better. But you’re right. That needs to stop Every Week, You Bring the Proverbial It.

Howard: Exactly. And WAH did it this week.

LeKeith: Yes, they did. Bad Back and All.

Howard: I thought they did a lot of smart things to get around the fact that Mama (is that her name?) is broken.

LeKeith: It’s Mami, or so said my captioning.

Howard: Kudos to her for doing that sexy belly dance in the front. And they did a great of distracting the audience from her limited range of movement by pulling out her bra.

LeKeith: I didn’t love the bra trick, to be honest. But I think that’s because when JC talked about them being sexy, it creeped me out. Overall, I thought that Bollywood integrated well with WAH’s style. Their isolations with the hand gestures looked really good.

Howard: Yeah. They were very clever in the way that they worked it in. They tried to use the Bollywood movements as transitions.

LeKeith: And it was peppered throughout, which I prefer.

Howard: Also, the slot machine at the end was glorious.

LeKeith: Why is it that Boogie Down Bronx AND Little Mama have to act so stupid when it comes to other cultures?

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: I get that it’s a hard name to say, but you practice! It’s your job.

Howard: Lil’ Mama did not Bring It. Unfortunately, she did not have a Space Hat on. Which limited her crazy.

LeKeith: Lil’ Mama never Bring It unless “It” is the crazy. And even then…

Howard: Here’s my question: Why the hell does MTV feel the need to subtitle three words by Hero, but not the rest?! Is it because she was saying “clap”? C’mon!

LeKeith: I don’t know. There was that one week where they didn’t subtitle, remember?

Also, Minus points on Lil Mama for her terrible accent. That could have passed on Karate Kid Week, but not on Bollywood Week. You had your window. It closed!

Howard: I agree. And then, at long last, Beat Ya Feet Kings returned to the bottom 2.

LeKeith: I have to say, as much as I don’t like them, they got a lot better over a short period of time.

Howard: They did improve a lot.

LeKeith: It might be because I saw them as emulating more styles over their own.

Howard: But it’s just not enough to get to “Decent” when everyone else starts higher than that.

LeKeith: True.

Howard: Also, here’s another rule:

LeKeith: The human jump rope?

Howard: YES. You cannot perform the human jump rope if Massive Monkeys already did it less than three weeks ago!

LeKeith: To be fair, technically, they didn’t see it on youtube

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: but seconded.

Howard: Aside from rooting for them to go home, their reaction to the judges’ criticism cemented the fact that it was time for them to leave.

LeKeith: I guess the thing is that they picked a fight that they were going to lose. Also, Porche, swearing about Shane Sparks? Not very ladylike. Take notes from Leiomy

Howard: But it wasn’t like Shane was just hating on their style. He just said, “Stop biting off other people.” How are you going to get indignant about that?

LeKeith: ‘Cause.

Howard: Has she never seen BRING IT ON? There’s a valuable lesson to be learned in that film.



LeKeith: Or BRING IT ON: ALL OR NOTHING? I mean, there was a whole commercial DURING THE SHOW about it


LeKeith: Or BRING IT ON: WOK ON THE WILD SIDE starring Brenda Song

Howard: I would absolutely watch that.

LeKeith: I know.

Howard: In any case, I think the producers may have decided it was time for BYFK to go home.

LeKeith: I have a question: Isn’t next week’s challenge the same as the Beyonce Challenge except that now there’s names for the dance moves instead of Beyonce singing them? Or was the Beyonce Challenge supposed to be the Video Challenge?

Howard: Well, they have done this before. Where there was a MJ challenge and then a video challenge in the same season. They are ostensibly the same thing, but when you break it down, isn’t every episode the same thing? The crews are given a particular dance step and must incorporate it?

LeKeith: Yeah, pretty much

Howard: It’s just the theme that alternates.

LeKeith: Except for Magic Week!

Howard: I hated Magic Week. Much like I hated Karate Week. No more weeks where the main element isn’t dancing, ABDC!

LeKeith: yeah, I didn’t care for Karate Week either. I enjoyed Bollywood Week more than I thought I was going too. And only 1 Jai Ho on the show!

Howard: Also, they did Karate Week during the season with the least number of Asian people on it.

LeKeith: But JD knew Karate.

Howard: As did Lil’ Mama!

LeKeith: Yellow Belt!

Howard: You know, I’d like to see a Bhangra crew try out next season.

LeKeith: I’d like to see that too. I feel like they’d hit the same roadblock as Afroborike though. Their Latin Dancing overshadows the challenges.

Howard: Maybe. But I feel like there’s been enough Bhangra/Hip Hop crossover to make it viable.

LeKeith: True.

LeKeith: The BYFK dude said “Man” a lot in his goodbye, didn’t he?

Howard: Yes. But it’s back to the party, man. As Fredro Star would say.

LeKeith: I was hoping you’d say that.


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