Howard and LeKeith Talk About America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 5

It’s week five and there are only five crews left. Join us as LeKeith and I power through another post-mortem…

Howard: ABDC!

LeKeith: The Dance Craze Challenge!

Howard: Another week of surprising quality.

LeKeith: I have to say, I didn’t know that half of those things were dances.

Howard: Yeah. Maybe I’m just wearing my grumpy old man hat, but really? These are the dance crazes that are sweeping the nation?

LeKeith: And by half, I mean all of them. I was certain they were made up for the show

Howard: Can we even call the Ricky Bobby a dance? You’re just gesticulating wildly and then striking a pose.

LeKeith: I don’t know what that is still! What does it have to do with Talledega Nights?!?!

Howard: I suppose it’s a tribute to the bit where Ricky Bobby is failing while he believes he’s on fire. And his tendency to strike poses? I don’t know. Oh you kids, with your crazy music.

LeKeith: I feel like it’s an inside joke that got turned into a single. Anyway, on to the crews.

Howard: Afroborike?

LeKeith: Question: Is there such a thing as too much booty slapping and if so, is Afroborike on a mission to find the Tipping Point?

Howard: I think the answer is no. But if there is, Afro will find it. And run past it.

LeKeith: Fair enough.

Howard: I no longer dislike them the way I used to.

LeKeith: It’s getting hard to.

Howard: I think they’ve come together decently, but they’re still sloppy. Though that’s a critique I could offer of every crew this season.

LeKeith: I think JC was right in his call on their sloppiness, but their routine was really exciting to watch. Maybe exciting isn’t the right word. I just couldn’t believe that they did that one move on TV.

Howard: Where the dudes shoved the ladies’ faces into their crothes?

LeKeith: Yup.

Howard: I concur. And I am not surprised that Shane has wanted to see that for ages.

LeKeith: Not at all. The Viper strikes again.

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: His pervy desires were limited lately but now he’s back.

Howard: OK, what about Massive Monkeys?

LeKeith: I really liked their routine despite me not knowing what a Ricky Bobby was.

Howard: Me too.

LeKeith: I don’t fully understand the critiques of any crew being ‘slow.’

Howard: At this point, I kind of have the same feelings about them that I had about Sup3rCr3w. Which is that they put on a great show, but that extra “It Factor” that pushes them to the level of Jabba, Fanny Pak or Quest just isn’t there for me.

LeKeith: I agree. I don’t see the ‘it’ factor, not yet.

Howard: That being said, I like them a lot.

LeKeith: Same. I think that they had fun with their challenge and executed well.

Howard: What about Rhythm City? aka Boogie Down Bronx?

LeKeith: I didn’t love the Boogie Down Bronx this week. I thought that their choreography was really good but I guess I was confused by the story. Why was the nerd guy allowed to dance with them if they were beating him up.

Howard: To ease him into a sense of comfort before kicking his ass again?

LeKeith: maybe …

Howard: Yeah, the story had some inconsistencies to it. But I’m always impressed by their coordination.

LeKeith: Same.

Howard: But I was most amused by Lil’ Mama’s commentary. “You wear glasses, so you finally got to play a nerd! Haw haw haw!”

LeKeith: Yeah. Lil’ Mama doesn’t have what we call tact. Or sense.

Howard: Yes, it is true. But at least she’s giving me what I want.

LeKeith: They did the Jerk, right?

Howard: Yeah. I was hoping it’d be another movie homage. And the dance would consist of picking up random objects from around the stage.

LeKeith: I guess the thing about some of these dances is that sometimes I couldn’t tell how that dance was different than anything else.

Howard: I agree with you. A lot of these dances are fairly simplistic. Or not very iconic. So integrating them into the routines doesn’t really stand out. I mean, Soulja Boy’s Superman had a very iconic look to it.

LeKeith: Well, it’s Superman.

Howard: The Ricky Bobby or the Jerk? Not as much.

LeKeith: But that’s not the fault of the crews so I can’t hold it against them.

Howard: I agree. Perhaps a thought for the producers of ABDC next year.

LeKeith: No more trampolines?

Howard: Yes. That too.

LeKeith: No more magic?

Howard: I mean, there’s a lot of potential in the trampoline. But it’s kind of BS that the practice space trampoline was about 4 times bigger than the one they had on stage.

LeKeith: True!

Howard: Anyway, that takes us to elimination land.

LeKeith: How was We Are Heroes in the bottom again? Maybe America wants them to go home so they can heal…

Howard: It’s possible. I think they just hate subtitles.

LeKeith: America hates to read

Howard: And again with the completely inconsistent policy on subtitling Hero!
They always subtitle one of her sentences when she’s speaking in English and then just let the rest go. What the hell is up with that?

LeKeith: I don’t know. Maybe they’re using that one line to set up a key for the viewers at home

Howard: HA! Crazy props to Nichelle for doing all those trampoline tricks.

LeKeith: She did a lot of tricks.

Howard: Though when they showed her in rehearsal with that helmet on, I briefly wanted her to wear it in the routine.

LeKeith: Would she take it off at some point or leave it on the whole time?

Howard: I don’t know. I didn’t think it through. But yeah, good tricks and good technique.

LeKeith: My favorite was when she jumped onto the backs of the two girls. It was probably the simplest of all the tricks she did too.

Howard: Yeah. Though they nailed it without wobbling.

LeKeith: That’s what impressed me!

Howard: Unlike Afroborike.

LeKeith: Yeah… I wasn’t going to say anything.

Howard: I’m sorry to say that I think WAH will be in the bottom two again next week. For whatever reason, they just don’t seem to be connecting with America. Which is a damn shame.

LeKeith: I see your point about WAH being in the bottom 2 again. and I agree with your sentiment. It’s a shame

Thoughts on Vogue Evolution?

Howard: They were entertaining and made good use of the trampoline. But I think they were getting tired of being there. And it showed in their performance. Especially when we went through the recap reel. The fire that they had early on was just missing.

LeKeith: I agree. I have to say that I’m a little upset at MTV for putting together their pre-performance video package that focused on Lil Mama and Leiomy. Especially since GLAAD already stepped in and so forth. I was hoping that they’d move past it.

Howard: Yeah.

LeKeith: Plus, I was certain that Lil Mama wasn’t going to address VE directly during the judges critiquing.

Howard: Yeah, I kind of wish they had let the confrontation take place. Since I love trainwreck TV.

LeKeith: But it has to be either or, you know? Either show the package and have the confrontation or move on.

Howard: Exactly.

LeKeith: Instead, they did half of both.

Howard: It was a cop-out by MTV. Capture all the controversy while avoiding any real conflict.

LeKeith: Exactly.

Howard: I think VE was the right team to leave, even though I was a big cheerleader for them early on. I think they just lost their drive along the way. Whether it was being away from home or the internal strife, whatever the reason they just coasted to the end.

LeKeith: Yes. In terms of VE performance, I thought that the Halle Berry (again, I think it was made up for the show) would have suited Vogue better.

Howard: Yeah, they got a challenge that was well tailored for them.

Also, it’s interesting to note that this season was supposed to be the one where the East Coast struck back. But we’re down to 3 West Coast teams and 1 East Coast team.

LeKeith: Now it’s all on the shoulders of the Boogie Down Bronx!

Howard: Thinking about it now, I wonder if the homesickness has a bigger effect on the East Coast teams. I guess it’s a moot point this seasons, since only WAH are from LA.

LeKeith: But it’s still a factor.

Howard: Being a full continent away from your loved ones has to be different from being a state or two away.

LeKeith: Also, you have to imagine that MM’s performances have taken them to California once or twice. Same could be said for Afroborike. Whereas, it’s less likely that an East Coast crew will do a West Coast competition or dance tour.

Howard: True. But I’m thinking of the advantage in terms of being geographically close to your family. Rather than the idea that having danced in LA before gives you some kind of home court advantage. The folk in VE (especially Leiomy) were clearly affected by not having access to their traditional support network.

LeKeith: Definitely.

Howard: Rhythm City seems to be handling it pretty well, so we’ll see.

LeKeith: I have to say that I thought the crowd was really into the performances. More so than in previous weeks. I really appreciated seeing that. And my girl, Layla Kayleigh doing the backstage interviews. Thanks, MTV!

Howard: Yeah, I think when the crews stepped up their performances, the crowd got off their hands.

LeKeith: Especially for WAH. I couldn’t hear Slater give his transition for VE.

Howard: Hopefully that’ll translate into some votes for WAH next week.

LeKeith: Yes. I would hope so.

Howard: So next week we’ll get the VMA Challenge?

LeKeith: Yeah, it could actually be really fun next week. I hope they do an N’Sync performance.

Howard: I’m having trouble thinking of other memorable VMA performances. Other than the army of Eminems. And Madonna writhing on the floor. And Madonna making out with Britney and Christina.

LeKeith: I think Chris Brown jumped around from table to table at one of them, right?

Howard: Yeah, but I don’t think it’s cool to do Chris Brown performances.

LeKeith: I agree.

Howard: Also, did you see that he’s mad at Oprah?

LeKeith: No. Why?

Howard: For dedicating an episode about domestic abuse to “all the Rhianna’s of the world.”

LeKeith: Ah. Well, don’t hit women.

Howard: Yeah. I think that’s a lesson we can safely end this on.

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  1. Mark

    Fellow creepy-old-man ABDC fan here. Just wanted to say that these are awesome and I look forward to your witty reparte every week.

    Also on the topic of VMA performances, don't forget the one where Britney ripped off her tux and everyone thought she was actually naked for a split second. I actually got up and cheered. Those were simpler times…

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