Howard and LeKeith Talk About America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 8

Oh, ABDC Season 4. You are finally over. Let’s recap our last hour together.

Howard: So ABDC! Finale!

LeKeith: I have Tears of Joy! And Tears of Sadness!

Howard: I get the Tears of Joy, but why Tears of Sadness?

LeKeith: Because Layla will not be on TV for a few months. And who knows if she’ll come back after becoming a mommy?

Howard: I’m sure they’ll bring her back. She’s their Kat Deeley!

LeKeith: Oh, I love me some Kat Deeley. But what does that make Slater?

Howard: Their Dunkleman?

LeKeith: Ouch.

Howard: And onto the crews!

LeKeith: HAHA!

Howard: So I feel like Lil’ Mama’s group had the best talent overall.

LeKeith: I think you’re right on that.

Howard: That routine felt the most cohesive to me.

LeKeith: They also adapted to the working together really well.

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: They could visualize performances with that many people

Howard: And it gave everyone equal time to showcase their trademark moves, instead of one or two crews dominating. Which happened with the other two groupings.

LeKeith: Agreed. There was this really cool moment where I think WAH was doing something in the front, AIM in the back and VE were in the center and it was this really nice complimentary dancing with levels. I think with the other two crew combinations, you could see the other crews off in the wings not really doing much. At least with these 3, when they weren’t the focus, they were still dancing.

Howard: Exactly. Also, I forgot how much I missed VE’s spin then drop on one leg move. Come back home, VE! All is forgiven!

LeKeith: HA! I thought that would have bothered you actually. I missed the duck walk.

Howard: Yes!

LeKeith: Those ducks walked with a purpose that night.

Howard: Those are perfect examples of absence making the heart grow fonder. Also, a great lesson for future crews. If you have a couple of awesome moves that you like to use a lot – space them out!

LeKeith: Yes! I agree. I feel like WAH didn’t so much have moves as much as they had a style to them. So I guess their move would be tutting but I liked it whenever I saw it. And the collabo-tut was nicely done

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: What was Lil Mama’s reason for picking these crews again?

Howard: Femininity, I think?

LeKeith: Sure. I guess that’s a reason.

Howard: I think the hidden reason was “awesomeness”

LeKeith: Do you think that the judges really pick or did the executive producers really pick?

Howard: I have no idea. I’m sure there’s some conversation that takes place between both parties. But I think their only concern is making sure that the styles mesh and that no one group totally outshines another.

LeKeith: True. I would be more worried that certain groups wouldn’t get along. We don’t need no more Status Quo-type situations.

Howard: Yeah.

LeKeith: But onto JC’s pick. Afroborike, Boogie Down Bronx and the returning Fr3sh! I wonder if that one girl ended up enrolling in college…

Howard: Their theme? Leftovers.

LeKeith: Awww, that’s not entirely inaccurate. But I think their stated theme was Chemistry.

Howard: Oh right.

LeKeith: Like when you mix oil and vinegar and then it separates again after 5 minutes? Chemistry! I liked how when they showed JC critiquing the crews on showing passion, energy and chemistry, it all came from a review of the Boogie Down Bronx.

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: I thought their routine was fine.

Howard: Yeah.

LeKeith: I was a little disappointed in Fr3sh because it was made clear that whatever they could do, WAH did way better. Like tutting. And isos.

Howard: Much like the Dirty Jerz , Fr3sh was just terrible. When they came out, I wanted them to blow the roof off. And prove to America that they got kicked off too early.

LeKeith: As did I

Howard: But instead, they sucked it up again. And if anything, they were slower and sloppier than before.

LeKeith: Yeah! I noticed that too!

Howard: Evidently, we did not kick them off fast enough.

LeKeith: It’s a shame. You know how many Jersey taboo votes I would have given them?

Howard: It’s true.

LeKeith: Oh well. Shane’s Theme was Representing or Representation or Represent! I’m not sure.

Howard: These crews brought the proverbial “it” to the floor! And battled! Or something.

LeKeith: Sure, why not. I was lost from Jump Street and by Jump Street I mean Shane’s comments. For example, how did Beat Ya Feet Kings become the quintessence of representation when Shane blasted them for taking moves off YouTube?

Howard: They were so hungry to win, they did whatever they had to do! Like the Cobra Kai in KARATE KID! Sweep the leg, Johnny!

LeKeith: Well, they should try dancing while full because they weren’t good when they were hungry. Although that might give them a cramp I’m sorry, Week 2: Beyonce Challenge, no Beat Ya Feeting means no Representationality!

Howard: I like how Shane’s shirt pimped his new DVD or something.

LeKeith: Oh, that was awesome! And the look on his face was like, “Last Show of the Season. Can’t Hold anything back.”

Howard: It’s true!

LeKeith: Also, wasn’t Southern Movement the crew that Shane WANTED to laugh at but couldn’t because they were too good?

Howard: Yes.

LeKeith: So they Represented by convincing Shane not to laugh at them?

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: Or by being better than crews Shane could laugh at?

Howard: They did it by keeping their cowboy hats! You’ll remember that they were only kicked off when they took off the cowboy hats.

LeKeith: I do remember that. Did you see some of the Monkees wore Cowboy Hats?

Howard: Yeah! That was an awesome show of brotherhood.

LeKeith: I concur. And their routine was fine as well, although it was during this performance (and technically the last one) where I got really annoyed with the camera work. Particularly the slow-motion camera for the flips that then jumped back into the rest of the routine.

Howard: I would like ABDC to stop doing that. That’s what the replay is for.

LeKeith: Yes. I agree. It takes away from seeing the routine as a whole. Plus, the transition that Monkees did was actually pretty cool; they had the other members roll out to match JD’s super Monkee Flip. I kinda feel bad Massive Monkees didn’t win.

Howard: Because one of them had a kid?

LeKeith: Because of Tim. Not only was him Mom sick but he had a baby on the way. Think of the extra pressure he must of had on him while dancing. Or at least, that’s how I see it.

Howard: Yeah. Hopefully the show will help them book more gigs. Though to be fair, JD is the one superstar talent in that squad.

LeKeith: Yes. He’s also the leader as far as I can tell. I liked that guy who did the headspins though because his facial expressions were pretty awesome

Howard: That guy has a lot of character.

LeKeith: Samnith Ly

Howard: This was another performance where I felt like the parts never really gelled together. And absence did not make my heart grow fonder for Beat Ya Feet Kings.

LeKeith: Me neither. And they still haven’t figured out a hand gesture for the group. They had like 4 again.

Howard: Alright, how did you feel about the joint performance?

LeKeith: I keep thinking that the song is a Chromeo song until Fergie’s voice comes in. Also, I like how Hiro is as strong as the males in Afroborike so she could be used as a base for the “Flying Heroes” sequence

Howard: It was OK overall. But I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly wowed by it.

LeKeith: I agree.

Howard: Though I generally find the joint Top Two performance fairly lackluster. Last year’s performance by Quest and BeatFreaks was probably the best one.

LeKeith: Because it was the anomaly season

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: The finale episode is usually one of my least favorite episodes each season. But that could be said of almost all competition shows.

Howard: Is it because we have to look back at the “good” times we’ve had?

LeKeith: Well, in ABDC’s case, there is usually one crew in each group that I’d rather not see again. Or I’d rather see the crews perform again but separately. It’s usually one of those 2 things. But I’m glad We Are Heroes won

Howard: As am I! Good job, America!

LeKeith: You always come through in the clutch. But it was touch-and-go there for a while.

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: I liked that Hero was speechless.

Howard: Yeah, she gave the least coherent celebratory speech in the history of the show.

LeKeith: True. That made it better though

Howard: I concur. The discrepancy in the two highlight reels was almost sad though.

LeKeith: Back in Season 1, did you think that Jabba thought that they were going to lose to Status Quo?

Howard: They had to have thought that in the back of their minds. Especially when they landed in the bottom two in the penultimate week.

LeKeith: True, but after they came out and ‘ripped the stage’ as Shane would say?

Howard: I think you have to keep America’s potential for failure in the back of your mind. See: Bush’s second term.

LeKeith: I keep trying to look past it. and that’s why it stings every time. I’m referring to America’s potential for failure, not specifically GW’s 2nd term.

Howard: HA! I liked their celebration dance.

LeKeith: I did too! I also like that Hero hugged Randy Jackson.

Howard: Yes! And I “enjoyed” Randy Jackson’s cut-off shirt.

LeKeith: You mean his Mick Foley look?

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: I’m not ready for Season 5 just yet. I want to enjoy We Are Heroes becoming We Are (the) Champions

Howard: I wonder if they will try to stack the deck against the West Coast again. “From Los Angeles…. The Crip Walkers!” “From Walla Walla… The Deaf Jam Posse!”

LeKeith: “From San Diego … Club Baby Seals!”

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: It’s possible. I mean, they’re running out of firsts for the show. And having the first East Coast Champions probably goes further than having the first Midwest Champions, rep-wise. But so would having champions from the ATL

Howard: Whatever. Just face it, rest of America. The West Coast rules.

LeKeith: No comment.

Howard: In any case, thanks to all the reader who’ve been following us. I hope you’ll stick around and check out the site/podcast. HUGE thanks to NancyT over at Blogging Best Dance Crew for throwing some love our way. If you want to catch the premiere of Season 5 with me and LeKeith, just say the word.

LeKeith: See you in January.


  1. Thanks again for the free laughs every week. I definitely got what I paid for.

    My pipe dream for next season (or maybe it would make more sense after Season 5) is a "best of the rest" challenge. In other words, bring back all the best crews that didn't win for another crack at it. At some point, you gotta think that there just aren't any more crews out there that

  2. You guys better come back in January! BTW — I asked Layla at the finale and she swears she's coming back.They should give her some more airtime while they're at it; she's funnier than anyone else they've got there.

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