SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV – Confirmed! Let’s Meet Korea’s First World Warrior.

Yesterday, during the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom confirmed that they would soon be gracing us with SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV! As always, a new game means a new additions to the roster of fighters. For this edition, veterans T. Hawk and Deejay are joined by newcomer Juri, who has the distinction of being the first Korean character in the Street Fighter franchise.

Gamespot’s preview offers the following description of this female fury:

Juri is a Korean fighter, a first for the series, who uses tae kwon do and relies on an extensive array of kicks that reminds us a bit of Kim Kaphwan from SNK’s King of Fighters and Fatal Fury games. The amazingly flexible and sensibly dressed vixen is fast and appears to use a variation of the soul energy Bison and Rose use. In addition to the expected array of kicks, Juri uses the energy for projectiles and an enhanced radial kick that looks to be pretty handy at dealing with enemies in the ground or air. Her supers are painful to watch; one starts with her breaking her opponent’s back with a mighty slam and then lifting him up to taunt him before finishing the move.

Fast anti-airs AND projectiles? I think I just found my new main. And yes, Hyura, I’m pretty sure she could whup up on Chun Li.

During an interview with Gamespot, producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV will include re-balancing of characters, new Ultra combos, additional online features (a lobby system perhaps?), and somewhere between 6-8 new characters. And let’s not forget the Car Destruction Bonus Stage!

Perhaps most importantly, Ono-san stressed that while SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV will be a traditional disc-based game, it will NOT be a full priced release (I’m guessing something around the $30 or $40 range). He also suggests that fans should hold onto their current copies of STREET FIGHTER IV, as some kind of bonus will be coming.

If the changes to the game are as extensive as Ono-san claims, then there’s certainly a legitimate reason for offering the title as a stand-alone disc. But if these changes are cosmetic at best and appear to be things that could have been offered through incremental DLC patches, then I worry that Capcom might be retreading the very ground that lead to the dormancy of the fighting game genre in the late 90′s. There’s only so many Supers, Turbos and Championship Editions that people are willing to handle these days. But given the quality of STREET FIGHTER IV, I will remain optimistic.

In any case, if you’d like to see Juri and T. Hawk in action, check out the following video. The best part is hearing the cheers from the Korean crowd when Juri does her Ultra Combo:

The interview with Ono-san can be seen below (with additional footage of T. Hawk in the background):

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