We’ll Fix It In Post – Episode 030

This week, we’re joined again by Russ Gooberman of The Mep Report as we discuss Obama’s health care speech, swine flu at PAX, a potential one console future, the anti-piracy measures hidden within BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, and the question of whether we can separate art from the artist. Also, we cover our experiences with GUILD WARS, IL-2: STURMOVIK: BIRDS OF PREY, TRIALS HD, SHADOW COMPLEX and some random Xbox Indie Arcade games.

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- This week’s interstitial music is the French version of the Pokemon theme song:

- In case you missed it, here’s some coverage of Obama’s health care speech. Dear Republicans: this is Not Parliament. Or a
Fucking Wrestling Show.

- Information about Swine Flu at PAX can be found here.

- EA’s new promotion for DANTE’S INFERNO? Just send money to reviewers.

- Valve invites the leaders of the LEFT 4 DEAD 2 boycott to their studios and fan reactions are predictable.

- Speaking of Valve, evidently they wanted the new LEFT 4 DEAD content to be free on the Xbox 360, but Microsoft said

- Batman is smarter than game pirates.

- Read about Orson Scott Card’s insane homophobia here.

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