Howard and LeKeith Talk About America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 2

It’s Week 2 and it’s the East Regionals. Did it look better than last week? Let’s find out.

LeKeith: You know what was awesome? ABDC: EAST. (Actually, there were a few problems but I wanted to start off positive.)

Howard: It was a pretty solid show, I thought.

LeKeith: I thought so too. Although my immediate complaint was that the title graphic said ABDC Regionals: SOUTH. Really, MTV?

Howard: HA! Any of those teams would have easily defeated all but the best team from the South.

LeKeith: I agree.

Howard: So let’s start with the return of Status Quo, a.k.a. Legendary 7. Which is actually a pretty dope name for a crew.

LeKeith: because of the Magnificent 7?

Howard: Well, I don’t know if you saw their logo, but it had a dude in a rice paddy hat in it. With swords, I think.

LeKeith: Like the Seven Samurai?

Howard: Sure.

LeKeith: Anyway, their routine still felt very Status Quo to me, even down to that frenetic music they intercut at one point. I did appreciate that they had some nice choreography in the group though

Howard: Yeah. The rhythm of it was very Status Quo. Synchronized choreo that leads to frenetic tricks section. With E-Knock in the front.

LeKeith: I noticed that too. That bugged me a little

Howard: Me too.

LeKeith: But he wasn’t at the front for the end of the routine.

Howard: That was something that bugged us about Boogie Down Bronx as well, IIRC.

LeKeith: Yes, it was. They eventually switched it up, though.

Howard: E-Knock did make himself the center of attention during the battle, but we’ll get back to that later.

LeKeith: Yes, he did. Why did they do the helicopter again? Because they could?

Howard: Pretty much. But it was a much better helicopter, I would say. They were definitely more in sync than Status Quo. And it was a great first impression.

LeKeith: It was. And they did get the crowd pumped as the show opener.

Howard: Yup. And then we had Quahog Qrew.

LeKeith: HA! What was their name again? “draZtik!”

Howard: Yeah…

LeKeith: I gotta say though, I wanted to see them do another number just to see if they end every routine yelling “draZtik!” Because I thought that was pretty funny.

Howard: HA! They were OK. They would have been right at home during the South regionals.

LeKeith: Yeah, I think so too. They weren’t a bad crew but I think JC and Lil Mama actually hit the nail on the head in their judging.

Howard: Yeah, I totally agree. I have nothing to say either way. At least, nothing that’s not clowning their physical appearance, which is probably cruel.

LeKeith: It would be, yes. I have to say though, it’s hard to take Lil Mama seriously when she incorrectly uses the word “seriously” but then makes an astute point.

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: She kept saying “serious” when she meant seriously.

Howard: She was in rare form last night.

LeKeith: Adverbs!

Howard: OK, so let’s move onto Team Canada.

LeKeith: I love calling them Team Canada! That was immediately what I wanted to call them. I also really liked this crew.

Howard: I don’t want to like them.

LeKeith: because they’re from Montreal?

Howard: Yes. This is America’s Best Dance Crew. Not North America’s Best Dance Crew.

LeKeith: Oh. Fair enough.

Howard: I’m just sayin’.

LeKeith: I wonder if Legendary 7 will try to get their Visas revoked or something.

Howard: But I think it’s a testament to the quality of their work that they managed to overcome my xenophobia.

LeKeith: It was a very clean routine that had the extra tweaks and energy that Quohog Qrew was lacking.

Howard: Yup. And they were insanely in-sync with each other.

LeKeith: They were!

Howard: Like Kabba levels of in-sync. Even during the slo-mos, which is usually when you see people being slightly off each other, they looked good.

LeKeith: This is very true.

Howard: They didn’t really have any flashy tricks, but I will take solid fundamentals any day.

LeKeith: Yes, this crew had a little bit of everything but nothing too over the top. They did a little vogue-ing, right?

Howard: I think so. And they did that move you hate – where they throw up the horns to rock music.

LeKeith: Oh! I liked it here though. Here’s why: unlike that other crew that claimed to be a Rock crew but wasn’t, this crew had a little bit of everything so when it came time for the guitar solo, it made sense.

Howard: I see.

LeKeith: I also hate the air guitar playing motion that some crews have used. There’s a whole documentary on Air Guitaring. It’s an art.

Howard: Agreed.

LeKeith: It also helped that I thought the riff was from Sweet Child O’ Mine at first. But moving on …

Howard: Static Noyze, a.k.a. Fanny Pak East.

LeKeith: I really liked this crew. Their opening reminded me of So You Think You Can Dance, like a Wade Robson piece.

Howard: Yeah, I can see that. You can definitely tell that they’ve all had some classical training.

LeKeith: Oh, absolutely. I didn’t like it so much when they first started their hardcore section because it looked like they were miming skiing at first. But it picked up very quickly.

Howard: I disagree with Omarion’s critque that they feel too disparate. I feel like they blend things together well.

LeKeith: It was a very blended group. It wasn’t obvious who was trained and who wasn’t. JC did get a little dig in on Omarion during his critique.

Howard: JC is so deliciously catty sometimes.

LeKeith: I know!

Howard: OK, so let’s turn to the big surprise of the evening. Ini Kamozee’s Hotsteppers.

LeKeith: Wow. Much Better Name. Than Saltare.

Howard: It’s latin for jump! Confession time: when I was watching the show, I was clowning this group so hard during their pre-routine interview. And then shit got crazy.

LeKeith: I felt the same way. First I was like, “How is North Carolina in the East?” Then I shut up.

Howard: HA! In any case, BreakSk8 2K10 was pretty dope in their opening routine.

LeKeith: There was also no NYC representation, which I thought was odd. I blame the RingMasterz

Howard: That shit where they switched the person turning the rope without missing a beat? Sick.

LeKeith: Oh yeah. This season’s gimmick was crazy! Everything they did was ridiculous, when they involved the rope.

Howard: But I wonder how much versatility they will have.

LeKeith: I even appreciated how they were able to stop the rope and snap it into place on beat.

Howard: Yup. That rope is like an extension of their bodies.

LeKeith: I mean, this is the question that has always faced each of the gimmicked crews: versatility. Because when ABDC starts throwing in its own requirements, we’ll see how well they cope

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: they could be like BreakSk8 and do well or they could be like the Cloggers. Who were good but ultimately limited.

Howard: Well, I think BreakSk8 floated through on a lot of people voting for the members rather than their performances, to be fair. But yeah, the gimmick groups tend to have a short lifespan. That being said, the Hotsteppers impressed the hell out of me last night and totally deserved to move on.

LeKeith: me too.

Howard: So the battle. Did the judges make the right choice? I say yes.

LeKeith: I think so too. It was Legendary 7, Quohog Qrew and the Winners… I actually don’t remember which crew was the third crew.

Howard: Fanny Pak East.

LeKeith: Yes! Because Omarion didn’t like them the first time.

Howard: They clearly had the best routine of during the battle. Legendary 7 kind of fell apart during the battle.

LeKeith: I think E-Knock called some audibles.

Howard: And what the hell was that bit where E-Knock jumped into a blanket?

LeKeith: They were putting the other crews to bed. That’s how they do it in Beantown.

Howard: HA! Well, it was an enjoyable week overall, but I have to admit that I enjoy writing these more when there are terrible crews on. Because, to be honest, there wasn’t much to clown this week. Even Quahog Qrew wasn’t that terrible.

LeKeith: HA! don’t worry, the South will be back.

Howard: Oh yes, the South shall rise again.

LeKeith: No, they weren’t!

Howard: I keep waiting for Mario Lopez to say that.

LeKeith: He better not. Although he did say that Canada will invade America. Which doesn’t make any sense.

Howard: Maybe he’s wrangling for a part in Canadian Bacon 2. Also, I think Mario should entertain us with more jump roping.

LeKeith: He was nice with the rope, right? Also, I’m hoping miss Layla Kayleigh makes a comeback. She’s still listed on my Info Guide.

Howard: Hope springs eternal, my friend.

LeKeith: I’m just glad the East Coast didn’t turn into the Least Coast. since the West Coast has been the Best Coast so far. (This is what Mario Lopez sounds like.)

Howard: HA! I am actually anxious about the West Coast. Are the judges going to stack the deck?

LeKeith: against the West Coast you mean?

Howard: Yeah. I saw a dude on stilts in the preview! Is his crew going to make it through?

LeKeith: HAHA! I saw that too!

Howard: Clearly they will be some nonsense.

LeKeith: I thought that was just a shot of someone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or something.

Howard: “Oh sorry, West Coast. Looks like the Zach Gowen Crew just couldn’t win it all for you this year.”

LeKeith: I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a one-legged dancer in a crew soon. We’ll find out together next week.

Howard: Indeed we will.


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