We’ll Fix It In Post – Episode 043

This week we’ve got a full studio as we’re joined by frequent guest Eric Neigher, filmmaker Dennis Lee, and advertising expert Jiho Chung. We discuss the forced departure of the heads of Infinity Ward, the ApocalyPS3, Ubisoft’s new DRM system, the plagiarism of Nick Simmons, and Superman’s religious symbolism. Plus, you will not want to miss Eric’s greatest moment on the podcast ever.

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- This week’s interstitial music comes from the Gorillaz’s excellent new record Plastic Beach.

“Glitter Freeze”:

“Some Kind of Nature”:

- A rundown of the Crisis on the Infinity Ward can be found here.

- Read about the ApocalyPS3 here.

- Ubisoft’s new DRM for Assassin’s Creed 2 is detailed here.

- Eric’s fan favorite review of ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR can be found here.

- The Beat has a great summary of the Nick Simmons Plagiarism Controversy and the Age of Borrowing.

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