Sunday Brunch – Pancacon

It all started when MJ pointed me the greatest retro ad ever. Pancakes. With bacon cooked into them. PANCACON. How could I resist?

Yeah, I used Aunt Jemima’s Mix instead of making the pancakes from scratch. I figured it was only appropriate considering the source of the original recipe.

I opted for the Hormel Black Label bacon because I wanted something that wouldn’t shrink too much during the cooking process. In retrospect, a smaller cut of bacon may actually be better in creating the ideal size for pancacon.

Alright, bacon’s cooked and the pancake batter is ready. It’s time to make the magic happen.

I’d recommend cooking the bacon until it’s fairly well done. I tried cooking a couple of slices lightly, but when I combined them with the pancake batter, the bacon fat continued to cook and leaked into the mix a bit. Not delicious.

But if you cook out most of the fat, the mix stays grease-free and there’ll be minimal change that occurs to the meat.

The inaugural pancacon. The salty-sweet combo is quite tasty, especially once you drop a little maple syrup into it. Perhaps next time I’ll have to try integrating the syrup as well, McGriddle styles.

Nom nom nom. Nevin loves pancacon.

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