We’ll Fix It In Post – Episode 046

This week, Nevin and I are joined by singer/songwriter John Clinebell and multimedia composer Brian Kim as we discuss their respective musical careers, Prince’s proclamation about the death of the Internet, and the terrible racism of DEADLIEST WARRIOR. We also nerd out about STARCRAFT 2 and somehow I get convinced to preorder a copy. Feel the excitement!

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- This week’s interstitial music is “No Clue/No Say” by John Clinebell:

- John and his awesome tunes can be found through his Facebook page. Go become a Fan today, won’t you?

- Enjoy some Brian’s Emmy nominated worked here:

- Gaze upon the inhuman horror of ManDog:

- Take some time to enjoy the majesty of Bug Battle Royale:

- Take some more time to enjoy Human Tetris:

- The Internet is over, declares Prince.

- If you want to learn more about STARCRAFT 2, check out this preview by friend of the show Eric Neigher.

- Enjoy this robust debate comparing the iPhone 4 with the HTC Evo:

1 comment

  1. Robert Bernheim

    Love it. "It grants you 3 wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an IPhone." Too bad this leaves out "Cuts off phone reception if you hold the phone like a normal person."

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