We’ll Fix It In Post – Episode 047

This week, it’s our big Comic Con Preview! Listen in amazement as Nevin attempts to hide his contempt for Nerd Prom while I try to convince him that it’ll be awesome! We also discuss COVERT AFFAIRS, INCEPTION (spoilers ahoy!), the Internet’s terrible assault on an eleven-year-old, and Nevin’s adventures with DRAGON AGE.

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- This week’s interstitial music is “Dance Like Michael Jackson” by Far East Movement:

- Check out the sadness of the Jessie Slaughter saga. Gawker has filed a couple of additional stories following up on the situation.

- Information on the giant Warner Brothers bags at Comic Con can be found here.

- The full Comic Con schedule is here for those of you following along at home.

- If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Wonder Woman’s new costume:

- If you want to waste some time, check out the catalog of Comic Con Exclusive collectibles.

- Megan Fox’s suicidal hatred for action figures based on herself can be found here.

- Discover the majesty of the Wizard Sticks Party.

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