We’ll Fix It In Post – Episode 49

Canadian superstar Chris Zabaneh joins us for this week’s show as Nevin offers his review of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, we marvel at the DUKE NUKEM FOREVER PR fiasco, and Chris waxes poetic about INFINITY BLADE for the iOS. It’s a little long, but a guest of Zab’s caliber deserves nothing less. Give it a listen, won’t you?

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- This week’s music break is “Blame Canada” from SOUTH PARK: THE MOVIE.

- Chris can be found on Twitter @ChrisZabaneh.

- Read about the blacklisting threatened by Jim Redner and his PR firm over DUKE NUKEM FOREVER reviews here.

- Jim Redner’s “apology” can be found here.

- Don’t forget to follow me (@howardhan) and Nevin (@nevindensham).


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