Howard and LeKeith Talk About America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 7, Week 3

It’s week 3 and finally all nine remaining crews are on the same show! But this week they face the deadly DOUBLE ELIMINATION! How did things pan out for your favorite crew? Read on to find out…

Howard: Twice the danger means twice the excitement! What did you think of this week’s double elimination episode?

LeKeith: I really wanted Mario to Call it a 3 Way Dance at least one time.

Howard: One day he’ll make your dreams come true.

LeKeith: Well, until that day, I’ll keep dreaming. I think the faster they get to longer performances, they happier I’ll be, so I was okay with it.

Howard: Agreed. I kind of liked the one comment per routine set up as well. If Lil’ Mama isn’t going to be bat shit cray the whole time, I just want more dancing.

LeKeith: Well, she needs opportunities to be crazy. That kind of genius can’t be put on a timer.

Howard: It’s true, but the past two weeks have been light on Lil’ Mama-isms. If she kicks that up, I’m all for giving her more promo time.

LeKeith: I think she shifted gears this week. We’ll see Vintage Lil’ Mama soon enough. What did you think of the Madonnathon?

Howard: Well, there’s definitely no shortage of excellent Madonna dance songs to choose from. And some groups got paired with better numbers than others.

LeKeith: Yeah, I agree. So what did you think of the pairing of Fanny Pak and high heels?

Howard: I have to say that it was a disappointing start to the week. It wasn’t a terrible routine by any stretch of the imagination, but it didn’t really feel like a Fanny Pak routine. It just felt really safe.

LeKeith: Oh, I had a different reaction to it.

Howard: I take it that you liked it a lot?

LeKeith: I couldn’t get enough of that mirror spin. My brain went “1 became… 3? What happened to 2?)

Howard: It’s like Magic Week came early.

LeKeith: Oh, there was a lot of Magic on the show. I mean, I agree that it maybe wasn’t typical Fanny Pak but I still enjoyed it more because it was Fanny Pak.

Howard: This was also the week of the Incompetent Camera Angle.

LeKeith: It’s ABDC Season All of Them: The Return of the Bad Camera Angle!

Howard: There was a spot in their routine where they were walking the mirror down the center of the stage. And they were presumably mirroring each other on either side. But I have no idea because the camera decided to focus just on ONE HALF OF THE STAGE. It wasn’t until the mirror came to a stop that the mirror effect became clear.

LeKeith: yeah … that was annoying.

Howard: Which is unfortunate, because that staging might have made me feel more hype for the routine. Like I said, it was a decent routine, but there was nothing that made me pop up from my seat or want to watch it again. So it felt very atypical for Fanny Pak.

LeKeith: I awarded them the ABDC achievement for Double Prop Use: A Mirror and Heels. Also, I think they made me enjoy a Madonna song I would otherwise ignore.

Howard: HA! Well, they should definitely get extra credit for that.

LeKeith: Usually the crew that gets the latest single is at a disadvantage.

Howard: It’s true. Anyway, I feel like FP is safe and I’m going to chalk up my apathy this week to their terrible camera work.

LeKeith: I think they’re safe too but I expect to a see a cameraman in the Battle Round!

Howard: HA! What did you think of Purple Stuff?

LeKeith: I’m very torn on this crew. I think they did a really good job this week and I can’t envision what they would do differently with another person on the stage. Unless that other person can eliminate the natural lull that’s at the beginning of their routines, I can’t tell what next week will hold when Chris comes back.

Howard: I imagine Chris will increase their trick factor. Imagine 100% more flips!

LeKeith: HA! Okay. Maybe that’ll do it.

Howard: I agree that it was a solid performance. And they were kind to give them the electropop song. It fit in well with their dance style.

LeKeith: Yeah, that definitely helped. They did that old ABDC standby though.

Howard: The peel off?

LeKeith: Okay ABDC Standby #2 – where they were doing their routine, did the challenge and then went back to their routine.

Howard: HA! Yeah, though I think whenever the challenge is “do dance style X that’s not your usual style”, it’s easier to understand. I don’t think I would want to see them try to krump the entire time. And krumping also isn’t the kind of thing that’s as easily integrated into routines like, say, popping.

LeKeith: No, I agree. But for the krumping part, everything changed, the music and the dancing, and then went back like it was normal.

Howard: Yeah. I did appreciate how they worked some levels into the krumping section. Something as simple as someone jumping super high for the punching move gave it a little additional flair.

LeKeith: Yeah, that was nice. Like I said at the beginning, it wasn’t a bad routine at all. And it gives Purple Stuff this kind of wake up call moment.

Howard: What did you think of M.O.S. Def?

LeKeith: I like that they were able to pay tribute to both Madonna AND the Wright Brothers in a single dance.

Howard: HA! I saw it as an H.G. Wells tribute. They were dressed like old timey time travelers.

LeKeith: Oh! That makes a lot more sense, actually.

Howard: Though those goggles pretty much work for any kind of old timey adventurer outfit.

LeKeith: Yeah! I thought they were old timey aviators.

Howard: An understandable interpretation

LeKeith: I’m just glad I learned something from the teachers. Thanks, Educators!

Howard: I loved their routine. It was the first part of the evening when I had to sit up and take notice.

LeKeith: I think sandwiching Purple Stuff between Fanny Pak and M.O.S. Def isn’t fair though.

Howard: Yeah.

LeKeith: You had two excellent concept crews just going all over the place.

Howard: “Here’s the fan favorite! And the excellence of execution! You guys go in the middle. Good luck!”

LeKeith: Don’t You Bret them just yet.

Howard: I’m banking on them to ride all the way to the finals. The only thing that could possibly stop them is the Child Vote. But we’ll get to that later.

LeKeith: They have to lose after a grueling hour long dance in sudden death overtime to be fully Bret-ed.

Howard: Fair enough.

LeKeith: But they are excellent in their routines.

Howard: That bit that D-Trix slo-mo’d had me going nuts.

LeKeith: And it wasn’t in slo-mo! It was just that good of a highlight.

Howard: You are correct, sir! He described it as activating each member, which was an excellent way of describing it. Though when I was watching it the first time, it felt like he was dancing through his own afterimages. Either way, it blew my mind.

LeKeith: Oh, whoa. That is an awesome idea. There was only one thing that bugged me and it had nothing to do with the crew. Do they save the world?

Howard: Well, I don’t think they used all four minutes, so we’ll never know. Plus, with their time travel dancing, they can pretty much loop that four minutes forever. Groundhog Day Styles.

LeKeith: Nice!

Howard: Shall we move on to the surprise of the night?

LeKeith: Layla Kayleigh showed up? I didn’t see that. Where was I?

Howard: Baskin Robbins, bringing that heat!

LeKeith: Oh, right, the kids! Yeah, they came out with the power.

Howard: I appreciated how technical their conversation was during their video package.

LeKeith: As did I. Although I kept noticing that Camren could not stop smiling.

Howard: It’s true. Also, someone in the ABDC wardrobe department was listening to us. Because they put them in the most asexual outfits possible.

LeKeith: Also known as 80′s Powersuits. But they rocked it. Also, their routine was very focused, they were united and they just had the attitude to go with that song.

Howard: Yup. Kaelynn was definitely the glue of that routine though.

LeKeith: Yeah, it’s true. And she lived up to the challenge.

Howard: Her presence just grabbed the audience, so big kudos to her. If they can continue to put together big performances like that, I will find it hard to complain if they make it to the finals.

LeKeith: Well, as long as they earn votes, I can’t complain.

Howard: That performance just shamed everything the Lil’ Broskis did last season.

LeKeith: It’s true. I do appreciate that Lil Mama tried to upstage them / pay tribute to them though.

Howard: HA! Yeah, that was a nice taste of Lil’ Mama Classic.

LeKeith: Embrace it, Lil’ Mama. Bring it Back!

Howard: HA! Can we discuss the amazing inappropriateness of the song assigned to NXT?

LeKeith: I yelled at my TV! “Not Cool!”

Howard: It was so out of control that the kids even commented on it! C’mon, MTV! Not even Shane Sparks would be down with this. (Too soon?)

LeKeith: I mean, is that better or worse than picking “Like a Virgin”

Howard: HA! It’s up there, I think.

LeKeith: I felt really bad for Bailey the whole time.

Howard: Yeah, he was so deeply unhappy.

LeKeith: I’m glad he was able to tell the girls to stay out of his wash area though.

Howard: Yes, they definitely kept away from the swimsuit parts.

LeKeith: But I feel like he got the fastest demotion ever in the history of Dance. “You’re Going to Be Madonna.” “You’re Going to Be the Chair Mover” “You’re Going to Be the Footstool for the new Madonna.”

Howard: HAHA! It’s true. He had a reality star’s career path. Also, kudos to the kids for paying attention to the judges’ notes. A lesson that some crews decided to ignore.

LeKeith: Yeah, definitely. That’s the thing about a crew their age. They’re able to learn and adapt.

Howard: Yup.

LeKeith: More seasoned crews are sometimes less willing to change. I didn’t like Bailey’s Glide though.

Howard: Agreed. I thought it was like the tone of the entire routine – just OK.

LeKeith: It felt very Usher/Bieber to me. And I though this was another song where attitude needed to carry the song.

Howard: Yup. But they were a little too sqeaky clean.

LeKeith: We’ll see what they come up with next week. How’d you like Hipster Crew this week? Incidentally, if you don’t like someone, make them listen to “Ray of Light” for a week.

Howard: They are so hipster-rific, it kills me. Their whole routine is based on one or two clever thoughts.

LeKeith: Yup.

Howard: And the rest seems so uninspired, you have to wonder if they even care. Or if they feel like it’s too uncool to put in effort. Or they’re really just that bad.

LeKeith: I think you hit the crux of them as a comedy crew. If their routine is too good, everyone is in sync and smooth, it’s no longer funny. If their routine is too sloppy, they’re eliminated.

Howard: I’m trying to decide if they beat out last year’s all Asian breaking crew as my most disappointing ABDC crew of all time.

LeKeith: Boogie Bots?

Howard: Wow, that’s going waaaaaay back.

LeKeith: I expected so much from them.

Howard: No, Top Ramen. They were just so much sadness for me. I have managed to keep an ironic distance from Hipster Crew.

LeKeith: Yeah, I know. I meant the Boogie Bots disappointed me so much.

Howard: So my heart is not totally broken.

LeKeith: Good!

Howard: I must admit that the flopping fish gag was awesome.

LeKeith: I did think that their tutting nose picking section was a really funny idea. Keyword: idea.

Howard: It was funny, but just felt so haphazard.

LeKeith: Well, I thought that was part of the joke. But for it to work, they need to be sloppy dancers. And JC just won’t let that fly. Although my favorite joke of theirs is when they implied that Madonna wasn’t human because she could walk in super-speed in the video. I just wanted to point that out.

Howard: HA!

LeKeith: But their problem is that their big gags aren’t as funny as say, Poreotix, and their small gags look more like bad dancing than gags.

Howard: It’s true. Much like all hipsters, the best they can manage is to half-ass it. I’d apologize to any hipsters that read that, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t read this far into the review.

LeKeith: HA! They had to click after the jump. That’s too much effort.

Howard: Are we in agreement that Hipster Crew needs to be in the bottom 2 next week?

LeKeith: Yes.

Howard: Well, let’s move on and discuss this week’s elimination round. The Three Way Dance!

LeKeith: Thank You!

Howard: Or, as I liked to call it, Let’s Get Rid of the Foreigners!

LeKeith: Listen, there’s more than one way to make America #1 again. This just happens to be the easiest way.

Howard: I like to imagine that the producers saw that both of the foreign crews were in the bottom two and thought, “Eh, let’s just cut to the chase and make it a double elimination.”

LeKeith: It’s entirely possible.

Howard: But let’s talk about some line dancing!

LeKeith: Confession: I actually kinda like this Madonna song.

Howard: As do I!

LeKeith: It’s a really random Madonna song to like but I like the guitar hiccup at the front.

Howard: No shame, brother. I like that Final Destination had to explain to MTV that not every part of the South is the same.

LeKeith: That’s why we do this, man! But everyone in Canada is a precision dancer, right? Or hockey player? Or professional wrestler?

Howard: Oh, of course. I’m pretty sure those are the only three professions you’re allowed to have. I know you had to love this routine since it started out with one crew member playing another like a guitar.

LeKeith: Yeah… You’d think that. It was really awkward looking though, as human guitars often go. I appreciate the nod to the music though.

Howard: HA! I also question the wardrobe choice. The all black tops made it kind of hard to see some of their upper body choreo. But overall, I really enjoyed the routine.

LeKeith: The Knee Drop

Howard: That was pretty spectacular.

LeKeith: It’s what won them the battle. It was so sick.

Howard: I may have to agree. I also enjoyed their incorporation of line dancing moves throughout the routine.

LeKeith: They really did try to incorporate as much as they could, which I approve of. It wasn’t just a segment in their routine.

Howard: Given that most group choreo is just everyone moving in formation, it was cool that they were able to make the “line dancing” elements really have an identity within the routine though.

LeKeith: Also, despite our love for the song, they were given a tough Madonna song to do. It was from her Experimental Americana phase. But I thought they handled it admirably.

Howard: Agreed.

What did you think of the Mexicools and the song that ruined the Super Bowl?

LeKeith: HAHA! That’s all I could think during the routine. “Oh. It’s THIS Song.”

Howard: It’s like MTV wanted America to hate them.

LeKeith: Pretty much. That’s probably why they gave Vouge 2 to Oh! Canada.

Howard: HA! This was just a cheerleading routine. Which isn’t to say that there wasn’t technique behind it. There just wasn’t a lot of dance technique.

LeKeith: Yup! I kinda feel like they were given separate instructions from everyone else. Like they were told to recreate the video, almost. Also, I did not appreciate MTV caption Mr. Derrick Bateman like that.

Howard: I honestly can’t even remember the dance move they were supposed to copy.

LeKeith: Cheerleader Stuff.

Howard: Well, I guess one crew has to be the sacrificial lamb. Anyway, we’ll miss you, Mexicools. You gave us ABDC Derrick Bateman. So we’ll have that, I guess.

LeKeith: And for that we thank you.

Howard: Let’s move on to Oh! Canada. aka Fuck You, JC.

LeKeith: HAHA! What did he do?

Howard: I just like that they completely rebuked his critique from their last appearance. “He told us to not just be sexy. Well, we’re just going to amp up the sexy!”

LeKeith: Oh, yes, that I agreed with. I would just sing the chorus to “Some Girls Dance With Women” every time I disagree with JC.

Howard: HA! I’m pretty sure D-Trix was happy in his pants parts. Though I was sad that the pants parts were not referenced in the quick critique.

LeKeith: Yeah, he focused on the pushups, which was a euphemism for… pushups

Howard: HA! They had some cool formations and utilized the stage really well. It was honestly a toss up between them and Final Destination in my book.

LeKeith: I like that they had surprise chains. Like how the Mexicools had surprise steam

Howard: Yeah, the surprise props were not enough to save either crew, sadly.

LeKeith: I thought Final Destination was slightly better than our Border Cousins. It was all about the kneedrop.

Howard: Kneedrop beats sexy pushups!

LeKeith: Just this once. I am kinda bummed that the majority of the eye candy is gone though.

Howard: I feel like Fanny Pak now has a monopoly on sexy performances. Since the only other remaining women in the competition are all very much underage.

LeKeith: I should hope so!

Howard: Remember kids – leave the sexiness to the adults!

LeKeith: I don’t want any age inappropriate shenanigans.

Howard: Don’t Chris Hansen the audience!

LeKeith: However, if that’s the finale of ABDC, that’d be an amazing way to go out.

Howard: HAHA!

LeKeith: Well just have to keep checking the audience shots for dudes in Sweatpants.

Howard: I do feel bad for Oh! Canada. The Mexicools at least got a Flo Rida gig out of it.

LeKeith: Well, they can go back to their Day Jobs.

Howard: What did Oh! Canada get? Just being walked like a dog on national TV.

LeKeith: HA! And hopefully they can stop tricking on the streets of Montreal.

Howard: And sadly, neither crew got to walk it out in style.

LeKeith: I was kinda bummed by that. Hopefully, next week, the eliminated crew will truly Walk It Out.

Howard: Start practicing, Hipster Crew! And on that note, we out!

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