Interested in joining the TakoPop Team or submitting original cosplay-related content? Here’s a helpful guide!

Article/Content Submissions: If you have original articles (Editorials, Reviews, Interviews) you would like posted on, please direct submissions to _________! Any written material submitted must be your original work. Each submission must also include any images or links that should be used in the article. All articles will be reviewed before being posted and may be edited.

Tips: Have something you’d like to share with us? Please direct tips to _________________!

**Not everything submitted will be posted, but we do appreciate everything sent to us!**

Joining the Staff:

Want to become an official member of the Staff?? Our writers are an enthusiastic and creative bunch…and we are always glad to welcome new members to our team! Staff members are asked to submit original pop culture-related articles, including Editorials, Reviews, Interviews, Tutorials, and much much more. If it’s related to popular culture – we want to post it!

Once you have joined as an official writer, you are expected to submit content and contribute to the website on a regular basis. In general, writers are grouped into two categories:

Staff Writer – expected to submit at least one article per week to
Contributing Writer – expected to submit at least on article per month to

For more information, please contact __________ !


The TakoPop Team!

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